Bird Data

Bird watching along the Moonee Ponds Creek is one of life’s simple pleasures. The richness and variety of this birdlife is evident by solid contributions to the Australian Bird Atlas. Sites from The Tarnuk bordering Woodlands Historic Park to the South Jacana Wetlands are monitored seasonally and reported to Birdata. Species lists can be found on Birdata and a wonderful photographic record is building beautifully  on Bowerbird


Once again Birdata and Bowerbird are citizen science projects that rely on the enthusiasm of ordinary people enjoying and caring about their environment. We are so lucky with the wealth of habitats along the Moonee Ponds Creek from open woodlands, to grasslands, wetlands and suburban gardens right down to the Yarra and the Bay.

The success of these habitats is the lasting legacy of the Friends Groups  and the Moonee Ponds Creek Coordination Committee who have lobbied and campaigned and raised funds and awareness and toiled for uncountable hours planting grasses, shrubs and trees turning barren landscapes and a struggling waterway into a world class wildlife corridor. There’s still much to be done but the foundations are solid and the rewards are plenty.