History (MMBW Book)

“The Development of the Moonee Ponds Creek Drainage System” was a book published by the MMBW in 1981 to give a history of changes that have taken place to the MPC and why they were done.

Sections of the original book are rather large, so I have created a text only version that is easy to read and search:

Text version of the book (no diagrams or plates) – 0.6 MB

The following are scans from the original Book, generally very large files. Select from the following sections:

Table of Contents

Sections 1 to 3 (28 MB)

Section 4 (26 MB)

Section 5 (30 MB)

Sections 6-7 (34 MB)

Section 8 (29 MB)

Sections 9 & 10 (40 MB)

Appendices (16 MB)

Large Maps in colour (10 MB)